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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

Our clinic, offers a personalized weight loss program. Before starting, a comprehensive consultation assesses each patient's unique needs, including medical history and personal goals. The program, designed around individual metabolic rates and lifestyle habits, promotes long-term health. It's more than a diet plan; it's a health management system that improves overall wellbeing, focusing on aspects like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.


Modify Body System Includes:

Comprehensive medical follow ups
Accountability support from mentors
Nutrition & Supplement plan
NutriGenomics genetic testing (extra option)
Our Modify Body App
Community support
About Us

Team Of Mentors

ModifyBody features a dedicated team of mentors, all committed to your success. Each mentor, having personally navigated our program, stands ready to provide unwavering support and insightful guidance throughout your transformative journey.

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We Guide You Every Step Of The Way

How to eat

We will provide you with a full nutrition workbook, including shopping lists, unique and delicious recipes and suggestions for Health Canada approved supplements.

Nutrition workbook
Shopping lists
Health Canada approved supplements

You follow our system and put in the effort. We’ll have your back.

We built a system for dedicated people, who know it’s going to take hard work, but are ready to make it happen.

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Our Secret Weapon

Progress graphs

Progress graphs visually track weight loss over time.

Daily Tracking

Track what you eat, drink and how you feel


Speak to our team directly in the app

Step by Step instructions

We hold you by the hand every step of the way

Food guide

No need to guess - we tell you foods you can and can not eat


Checkins allow us to monitor how you are doing

Supervised by top doctors

Weight loss, supervised by top doctors, ensures safe and effective health improvement

100% Private Consultations

100% private consultations ensure personalized advice and confidentiality in your health journey

Convenient and Easy

ModifyBody makes achieving health goals convenient and easy with personalized guidance.